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Monday, June 2, 2008

Eating the Sales

I recently stopped to think a bit about my grocery buying habits. What did I tend to buy and when? I came to the realization that I am not really in charge of creating my own menu. Every week, I spend a few minutes visiting the flyermall to see what the supermarkets have on sale. Loblaws for some reason doesn't like them linking to their flyer. The sales are basically dictating, to a major extent, what I'm going to be eating over the course of the week. You know what? I actually like it! I don't have to really bother thinking about assembling a menu for the week. I just buy enough of the various meats on sale, and vegetables highlighted in the flyers, to assemble my meals. Sure there are some staples like bananas and dairy products that I'm always buying but if one pays attention you can often find them on sale at one of the stores that week. Thankfully, the stores cycle through putting different things on sale all the time and that keeps my menu interesting and balanced. I figure that by doing this, I probably save around $100 a month as compared to assembling a menu ignoring prices. That's significant coin!

However, we are now in the era of high gasoline prices so I shop for food close to home. I won't bother driving to far away stores anymore for the sake of saving a few dollars, it just isn't worth it.


Anonymous said...

This makes so much sense! I often times find myself agonizing over what to buy or what not to buy at the grocery store, and it takes me forever to make decisions. You're right that you can just look at what's on sale and then find recipes that tie into those foods. Actually, I feel quite silly for not having thought of this before. Thanks so much for sharing this.

~Lillian Drysdale

Jim Somerville said...

You're welcome. I often look up recipes on the internet after I get home from shopping, or while viewing the flyers to make sure that something on sale is actually something that I will end up eating.

Another benefit to poking my face into the flyers every week is so that I have some idea what things cost on sale. This prevents me from being badly ripped off when I do need to buy something not on sale.